Give if you can, Take if you need!!!

Wise Guys would like to thank the outpour of support in helping out those in our community and surrounding towns in need of a hot meal that may be struggling during these trying times. No matter what anyone's situation might be we have a "no judgement, no questions asked policy" and anyone needing a meal or if you know someone who might need a meal please reach out to us so no one goes hungry. 

Community Board1.jpg

Sooooo how does WISE GUYS COMMUNITY MEAL BOARD Work? Donations (food tickets) can be made in the form of the purchase of any menu item or a cash donation can be made towards the purchase of any menu item(s). Anyone can donate in the effort of helping those in our community that are struggling and are having hard times. Tickets will be put up on our board of all donated items, if you or someone you know is in need come in and take a look at our board and redeem a ticket. All tickets redeemed must be picked up orders.

Give if you can,

Take if you need.

 Let’s help our neighbors.